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Trusted Commercial Flooring in Fraser Valley

Our Product Provides for Dust Free Flooring!

Polyaspartic Will Not Turn Yellow - It Is UV Resistant!

One of the most important aspects of your commercial space is the flooring. A high-quality flooring on your business premises can create a great first impression. In addition, a well-laid floor with an excellent coating can also control noise, help define specific work areas, and even contribute to enhanced safety. 

Done Right Epoxy Inc has more than three decades of experience doing commercial flooring. We understand the need for the durability of commercial flooring services. Our special finishes provide exactly that and are some of the most beautiful finishes as well. Call us today to see the possibilities we can offer you.

Quality Service

Flooring is not only an important design component of a building but is also structurally critical. Keeping in mind the heavy traffic and the need for low downtime in commercial spaces, we use products such as concrete coating, which require minimal maintenance and yet resist abrasion, chemicals and damage, lasting for more extended periods.

You can consult us for floor finishing solutions for corporations, industrial warehouses and public spaces like malls.

A Glimpse into Our Process

While polishing concrete floors, we sometimes add a hardener so that we can polish it with diamond pads the way we do for marble floors. The process involves:

Grinding the burncoat
Adding hardener
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Floors That Last

Our products and services make your floor waterproof and resistant to chemicals.

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