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Choose from a Huge Variety of Floor Colours in Fraser Valley

Deciding the colour of your flooring is a difficult task because finding floor colours that complement your walls, don’t stain easily, look good and do not require much maintenance is not easy.

Stan, our master mason at Done Right Epoxy Inc, can help you pick the right colour from the wide range we offer. He will sit down with you to discuss your Fraser Valley project at length and suggest the most aesthetically pleasing option. You can choose from a creative spectrum of solid shades, granite floor patterns and metallic floor tints.

Let us know if you need us to send you a colour book with sample shades. We will be happy to assist you in making an informed choice on your floor renovation project.

Epoxy Floor Flakes

We offer epoxy floor colour flakes at Done Right Epoxy Inc. Also called vinyl colour chips, these resin-rich paint aggregates widen aesthetic and decor choices in flooring. The product is not only durable but also resistant to dirt and moisture.

Camel granite flooring


Dolphin granite flooring


Domino granite flooring


Gravel granite flooring


Solid Colour Flooring

Charcoal colour flooring


Silver colour flooring


Medium grey colour flooring

Medium Grey

Light grey colour flooring

Light Grey

Metallic Flooring

Metallic flooring colour in single colour gradient- red
Metallic flooring colour in single colour gradient- white
Metallic flooring colour in single colour gradient- blue
Metallic flooring colour in single colour gradient- lilac

Metallic Floor Examples

Floor texture icon

Schedule a Consultation

We help you choose the right colours and patterns for your flooring.

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